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In 2001 the Xtreme Band burst onto Anguilla’s musical scene with their debut album “Ruption”, featuring the mega-hit “Fling Back (Charlie)”. In 2002 Anguilla’s newest and hottest band does it again with their new CD “Strike Back”. The eleven pulsating tracks are a tantalizing blend of soca, reggae/dancehall and zouk, and are sure to satisfy every musical taste.

Xtreme Band is taking it to the limit!

Anguilla, often described as “the Caribbean’s best kept secret” and “tranquility wrapped in blue”, lies at the top of the Caribbean chain of islands. Along with top class tourist resorts, over the years Anguilla has developed a reputation for producing many bands and musicians of a very high standard.

Xtreme Band at Johnno's in Sandy Ground.
Xtreme Band at Johnno's in Sandy Ground.
The Xtreme Band is no exception. Built around a core of accomplished musicians and vocalists, the group creates a dynamic blend of experience and new talent. Launched in 2001, Xtreme has already firmly established itself as one of Anguilla’s top musical groups. Their first CD “Ruption” produced the mega-hit “Fling Back ‘pon Charlie”, arguably the most popular song of Carnival 2001. Xtreme instantly attracted a loyal following of die-hard fans, who were spellbound by the band’s unique musical style. Other tunes like “Stick to Me”, “Vibrators” and “Sophie” had partygoers in Anguilla’s leading nightspots begging for more!

Xtreme’s instant success did not happen by chance. The group’s members were carefully selected to create a musical chemistry second to no other Anguillian band. The group’s depth of experience is demonstrated by the pulsating bass lines of Imorly and the melodic guitar rhythms of Tawanta. This combines with the brilliant keyboard arrangements of Fudi and the superb drumming of Chicken to create a solid musical foundation. The energy and electricity is added by the vocal line-up. Foxy can do it “smooth” or “rugged”, while Dale’s incredible vocal range enables him to tantalize the ladies. The icing on the cake is the sweet and melodious voice of Desiree (aka “LoveSponge”), who is undoubtedly the top female vocalist in Anguilla.

Following Carnival 2001 Xtreme strengthened their position at the top of the musical scene. The group performed at a number of venues in Anguilla, including the popular Friday night jam at the Pump House in Sandy Ground. Xtreme also branched out into some of the neighbouring islands. One such trip was to St Kitts/Nevis where they “mash up de place”.

In 2002 Xtreme does it again, with their second CD “Strike Back”. This album is a work of art dedicated to the fans who have continued to support the band throughout its first year. The mixture of soca, zouk and reggae/dancehall is designed to please fans of all musical tastes. “We Foxin” (vocals by Foxy) is a massive road-march contender, along with “Freight Train” (vocals by Desiree). “Spread de love”, “Sweet Music”, “My Angel”, “Strike Back” and “Stone Cold Killer” all put Dale in the vocal spotlight. Foxy sings the witty “Too much Pepper”, and Desiree comes out punching with the lyrically strong “Carnival Is”. All three vocalists combine forces for the “Marathon Mix”.

(Article reprinted with the permission of the Xtreme Band)

Alex Richardson

Started playing the guitar at about age 10 and started a High School band with Mello Sello, who was a drummer. Was a junior calypsonian (Lord Libra) capturing the crown in 1981. Joined North Sound International the same year as a guitarist, moved to keyboards after one year. Played with the group until 1987, became manager and leader, helped to launch the group’s first two albums, Endless Action (1985) and FunTime (1986). Wrote Anguilla’s National Song, “God Bless Anguilla” in 1981. He is the Manager of the Xtreme Band.

Ivor Hull

(Assistant Manager/ Songwriter/ Arranger)
Ivor is 33 years old and his songwriting/arranging experience spans 10 years. He has been songwriter to bands such as North Sound (6 years), AXA Band (2 years) and Mussington Brothers (2 years). Popular compositions include “On de Track”, “Black Unity”, “Proud to be Black”. Some of his songs were used in Road March and calypso competitions. Road March Winners were “Style” (1993) and “On de Track” (1997). In the calypso competition Black Unity and Proud to be Black won the second runner up position in 1997 and 2000 respectively. He is the songwriter/arranger of the Xtreme Band.

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