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The Ferry Terminal at Blowing Point is often a visitors first glimpse of Anguilla. It is also the best way to take a day trip to neighbouring island St. Martin, Sint Maarten. THE DAYTIME FERRY Daytime ferry service starts at 7:00 AM everyday and runs every half hour until the last day ferry leaves Anguilla at 6:15 PM and returns from St. Martin at 7:00 PM. Schedule Below (but not always exactly on time) Final Departure Tax: EC$53.00 or US$20.00 ADULT EC$26.50 or US$10.00 CHILD Daytrippers Tax: $5.00 US A day tripper visits St. Martin and returns the same day. Ferry Price: $15.00 US per person one way Children 1 year to 8 years $8.00 US

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